The purpose of this site is to confront and understand under-justified belief. We assert that facts supersede beliefs but recognizing that some reject this premise, also seek to enhance mutual understanding and temper disagreement.

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Believe In Reality
Believe In Reality01/11/2018 at 8:41pm
We had a good conversation comparing ideas on where morality comes from. Three versions are in play here. Enjoy.

The Source of Morality

Special thanks to panelist Kevin McCaffree, now at Indiana Purdue University, one of many UC Riverside grads spreading their great education around the country.

I recommend his book, The Secular Landscape: The Decline of Religion in America. It was my required reading for this event.

Believe In Reality
BNB14 Who Defines Morality?
Can moral standards exist without a nonhuman anchor? If so, how do we know what behaviors are acceptable?
Believe In Reality
Believe In Reality01/08/2018 at 4:53pm
So yesterday’s Believers and Nonbelievers events was unusually interesting—no conservatives or pro-Trump people agreed to be on the panel. One had agreed briefly but then backed out with warning.

One person (knowing our format) prejudged the content, many many did not answer my emails and invitations, the most decent person declined tersely, and one on Facebook called me mentally ill. I sent multiple responses re-explaining that we were NOT going to talk about platform issues but the risk of authoritarian leaders, something that conservatives have been warning us against for years.

The blindspot these people have made my point in two ways—one that we have a true problem with some not being able to recognize outscale authoritarianism (at least not one who promotes their interests), and two that they do not want confront any challenges to their opinions, even in discussion.

I have been warning since before the election, not about Trump per se but about the threat to the US’s balance of powers, to some deaf ears and to many blocked ones.

Sunday’s event was another point of evidence to that end since authoritarian leaders (Social Dominators is the psychological term) are enabled by authoritarian followers (typically without their awareness).

We had a very interesting discussion nonetheless, which will always happen when opposition shuts us out. BNB gives all sides an opportunity to make their best case to the public; refusing to participate in one of the friendliest formats around speaks volumes.

Episode 14 will be out in a day or two. I will edit this Episode 15 immediately and get it to you very soon thereafter.
Believe In Reality
Believe In Reality01/02/2018 at 2:48pm
Nothing magical or mystical to see here, just some known atoms in formation at known angles locked in alignment under known temperature and conditions.

Enjoy the beauty of nature.

Seek knowledge and know reality.
Believe In Reality
Believe In Reality12/27/2017 at 11:43am
Believers & Nonbelievers In Discussion Podcast

Episode 4: The Supernatural

This week the panel includes a Wiccan high priest and a ghost-hunting paranormal investigator.


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Believe In Reality
Believe In Reality shared Ken Ham's live video.12/21/2017 at 11:27am
It is one thing to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs, another to sit quietly while wrong information is evangelized, especially to future generations.

The arc of human knowledge should flow in one direction—forward by correction, new evidence and new findings. Apologetics is the opposite—finding new ways to reinforce old ideas regardless of scientific consensus.

Wrong ideas should be mocked and countered wherever they are found. This is happening now with Flat Earthers; the same should be done with Creationists (not the people but the ideas).

Do not let this happen to your children’s generation and other areas—Australia, Africa, Canada. Vote. Advocate. Let your opinion be known to family, friends and as possible co-workers. Defend reality...because unfortunately we need to.

Believe In Reality
Ken Ham
I'm excited to announce that the ministry of Answers in Genesis is heading north to Canada! Calvin Smith, an accomplished speaker on creation-apologetics, has joined with AiG to open Answers in Genesis–Canada. A recent study showed only 15% of Canadians have any kind of creationist belief—that’s why the message of biblical authority and the gospel is so desperately needed there!


We want to understand behavior, ideology, and belief.

Humanity’s knowledge pool is larger than in the past, its horizons stretched further, speculations perhaps more realistic. We have new insights on what was previously believed to be true. For example the era of Jung, Skinner and Rogers offered a broad model of behavior—defining universal patterns in people’s motivations and desires—however studies in the last twenty years have indicated personality subgroups. New studies are being done to isolate these variables.

Because of the personality differences, particularly between stereotypical liberals and conservatives, it may be that the best answers each side advocates—form of government, economic policy, social priority, etc—are incorrect for society as a whole. And though we interact as individuals, the evolution of culture itself is to be considered. What should we do then? To start, examine the ideas, note our own biases and be less quick to dismiss the ideas of others.

Similarly, evolution theory has broadened into subspecialties that have provided information on issues previously thought unreachable by science, such as altruism and morality. This implies that the boundary of science is farther away than thought, and perhaps nonexistent.

We seek the truth wherever it may lead, believing that the best answers are derived from the most correct knowledge.


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