The purpose of this site is to combat ignorance, bias and false belief. We will question opinions, compare points of view, and share informed theories and facts.

We assert that facts supersede beliefs but recognizing that some reject this premise, also seek to enhance mutual understanding and temper disagreement.

Topics will be varied and unflinching to include politics, religion, economics, social issues, history, psychology and other sciences.


We want to understand behavior, ideology, and belief.

Humanity’s knowledge pool is larger than in the past, its horizons stretched further, speculations perhaps more realistic. We have new insights on what was previously believed to be true. For example the era of Jung, Skinner and Rogers offered a broad model of behavior—defining universal patterns in people’s motivations and desires—however studies in the last twenty years have indicated personality subgroups. New studies are being done to isolate these variables.

Because of the personality differences, particularly between stereotypical liberals and conservatives, it may be that the best answers each side advocates—form of government, economic policy, social priority, etc—are incorrect for society as a whole. And though we interact as individuals, the evolution of culture itself is to be considered. What should we do then? To start, examine the ideas, note our own biases and be less quick to dismiss the ideas of others.

Similarly, evolution theory has broadened into subspecialties that have provided information on issues previously thought unreachable by science, such as altruism and morality. This implies that the boundary of science is farther away than thought, and is perhaps even nonexistent.

We seek the truth wherever it may lead, believing that the best answers are derived from the most correct knowledge.


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  1. Thanks and New Resource for your “Links” Page

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for putting together your Links page (http://www.believeinreality.com/links/). I was happy to come across it while searching for philosophy resources.

    “Philosophy: An Online Resource Guide” (http://www.wiseoldsayings.com/philosophy-resource-guide.php) also has a lot of great info. I think your visitors would find it to be a valuable addition to your page.

    Let me know what you think. Hope you have a great day!

    Thanks again,

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