AfterWords 3 – The Origin of Life

AfterWords 3: “The Origin of Life,” an epilogue to “Believers and Nonbelievers In Discussion, Episode 3”

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One thought on “AfterWords 3 – The Origin of Life

  1. The dominant bias is in naturalistic OoL. There is no probability of random processes creating life because there is complex information intelligent design required for the OoL, outside the scope of probability and random processes. These random processes are inadequate or non-existent: they must be real chemical reactions but chemical evolution is a myth like Darwin’s “warm little ponds” or Oparin-Haldane prebiotic soup. Billions of years were not provided for OoL, less than 50 million at best and possibly as short as 10 million. There are zero plausible naturalistic hypotheses that resolve the intractable issues of OoL.

    Generating order out of randomness requires a definition of the level of order. Pretenses that entropy can bring order invariably does not consider that the duration of the order is inversely proportional to the degree of the order. The levels of order that entropy demonstrates are seen in the meteors and comets that produce simple racemic amino acids and simple sugars, methane, and formaldehyde. They are inconsequential to the OoL.

    The other difference between random and intelligent designed universes is purpose and meaning, plus the random processes purported to have occurred are inadequate to create the vast majority of the universe.

    The lab experiments the atheist espouses is an intelligently designed highly managed effort that is geochemically irrelevant to the OoL. Tides pollute and are beneficial to organisms but not to pre-life.The RNA stories are wild speculation and not geochemically relevant.

    Homochiral sugars and amino acids are 100% formed within the cell but at best 50% +- 4% naturally. The catalytic processes spoken about are within the cell and non-existent naturalistically.

    The cynical, sarcastic references to personal mythologic beings and comparing them to God is intellectually insulting and irrelevant.

    It is a delusion of naturalists to claim that intelligently designed objects are the same as randomly naturally formed objects. Functioning cell membranes, homochiral amino acids and sugars, consciousness, DNA, RNA and ribosomal assemblies refute naturalist propositions.

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