BNB3 The Origin of Life

What is the origin of life on Earth? How could life have come from non-life?

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One thought on “BNB3 The Origin of Life

  1. Evolution offers nothing relevant to the origin of life. Darwinian myths of “warm little ponds” promote primordial soups and chemical evolution, even natural selection, and the principle mechanisms for progressively more complex abiotic chemical assembly that would lead to a living organism. These are myths of naturalism with no scientifically verifiable basis. Of greater concern is the more recent embracing of Darwinian processes, specifically natural selection, to provide the mechanism for complexity formation and eventual non-life to life transition. Since natural selection requires replication, which requires DNA, which requires proteins that are coded in DNA, the proposition of natural selection as relevant to the origin of life is a faith-based one, not scientific.

    The Lewontin Mandate of precluding divine feet is a manifestation of philosophical naturalistic ideology, not science.

    Present origin of life research efforts are a chaotic mess and are increasingly calling on very speculative, even new age, processes and powers that supposedly have accomplished naturally the origin of life.

    The problem of the experiments that naturalists have performed are that they are invariably biogeochemically irrelevant to primordial Earth conditions, and are intelligently designed and highly managed to produce results that are pitifully inadequate to demonstrate true scientific experiments that reflect reality.

    There is a fundamental problem with non-life fully assembling into what otherwise constitutes a living organism and making the transition from non-life to living. This has never been tested properly.

    Amino acid formation is fraught with homochirality challenges, which have not extra-cellular, naturalistic processes. Racemic mixtures are fatal to life. The same issue relates to the sugar backplanes of nucleotides that must be homochiral as well as homopolymer.

    The cell membranes required to encapsulate all the critical assemblies must be formed with protein structures to allow inflow and outflow of necessary materials.

    Proteins are built with proteins to produce ribosomes which form the proteins required for every structure in the cell. There are thousands of proteins required even in the simplest organisms to allow cellular function.

    Random processes that are stochastic are subject to entropy, which limits the level of organization and the duration of organization, precluding biochemical organization at any significant level: the observation of some racemic amino acids in meteors and comets demonstrates the limits.

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